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Breaking Automotive News, Auto Reviews and Car Launch Journalist, Nicole Wakelin Interview

Episode Summary

Nicole Wakelin is a widely respected automotive journalist, former Vice President of the New England Motor Press Association, a member of the International Motor Press Association and a women’s World Car of the Year juror.

Episode Notes

As a regular contributor of automotive content, Nicole Wakelin's experience brings valuable insight and trusted reviews to The Boston GlobeRide by Kelley Blue Book, NAPA Know How AAA Northeast  as well as and many more.

We go beyond the nuts and bolts of today’s automotive offerings as Nicole shares what checks her economy and luxury brand boxes as well as the previously confidential secret missions of her beloved “Blue Bullitt”.


From Nicole’s website (About):

 Once a writer, always a writer, but we all have to start somewhere and for me that start was writing my own blog, Total Fan Girl, which covered all the wonderfully geeky things I adore. Everything from the latest movie or television show I fell in love with to the ones that put me to sleep. The Hobbit, I'm looking at you.

One thing led to another and I started writing for other geeky sites. I've written fiction, too, in the form of an adventure called Freedom Flyer for the Firefly: Echoes of War role-playing game. The chance to play with Joss Whedon's beloved Firefly characters was a dream, even if it did leave me talkin' like a cowboy for darn near a month.

You'll also find me writing about cars. A lot. That's because I've always loved cars and the fact that they regularly hand me the keys to shiny new automobiles so I can write about them still amazes me. I cover news, write and film video reviews, and attend auto shows and new vehicle launches across the country. 

In addition to written and video coverage of the industry, I also speak to all things automotive. I've appeared on podcasts, done radio spots including national broadcasts on NPR, and spoken at conferences.

I’m a current member and former Vice President of the New England Motor Press Association and a member of the International Motor Press Association. I’m also a Women’s World Car of the Year juror.

I regularly contribute automotive content to The Boston Globe,, Autobytel, BestRide, Ride by Kelley Blue Book, NAPA Know How Blog, and AAA Northeast. I have also contributed to U.S. News and World Report, ZipCar, CarGurus, and numerous other sites seeking automotive coverage.


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